Thank you for taking an interest in our series.
Attached are the audition sides.

Since Columbus is a growing film community and some of you have
expressed that it is your first film audition, here is what we expect:
Please come prepared and as off-book as possible. These are very short
scenes and so we expect you to be reasonably familiar with the text
and actions.

Please keep performances as grounded and natural as possible.
We will be filming the audition scene in a medium shot, roughly
mid-chest to top of head.
You will be asked to slate your name and height before the scene
begins. We may also record a quick full-body shot if time allows.

Sides will not be available for the musical episode at this time, but
we do ask that you be ready to sing a few bars of a song of your
choosing, without accompaniment, if you wish to be considered for the
musical episode.

Auditions will be held at your scheduled time at Studio 7 of the
Springer Film Institute, located on the campus of the Springer Opera
House, 103 10th St. Look for the yellow SFI signs that will have
arrows pointing you to casting.

Sides are available below:

  1. “OWN BEING”