Auditions are due by noon on Saturday, December 1st. No late entries accepted!

Thank you for taking an interest in our series.
Due to high demand, we are accepting self-tapes on a limited basis.

You are responsible for following these instructions! Auditions not sent according to these instructions will not be considered. No late entries, please.

Begin with a slate, medium shot, mid-chest to top of head. Say your name and height.
Then, cut to a full-body shot for no more than six seconds. Please make this a separate shot, do not tilt the camera up and down.

Finally, film the scene in a medium shot, mid-chest to top of head. Please keep performances as grounded and natural as possible. Please film no more than two takes of the same scene. If you are recording multiple scenes, please send them as separate auditions. If you are singing, please sing at the end of your audition, after the scene and place in the same file.

If you film on a smartphone, you must film horizontally.

Submit your auditions to via WeTransfer, Dropbox link, or Google Drive.

Accepted video formats include: .mov, .m4v, or any quicktime-compatible format.

We will not accept any other kind of video file.

Combine your scene and slate into one file and label like this:


(For example, Holbrook.Jef.KELVIN)

Auditions are due by noon on Saturday, December 1st.

Sides will not be available for the musical episode at this time, but
we do ask that you be ready to sing a few bars of a song of your
choosing, without accompaniment, if you wish to be considered for the
musical episode. Sides are available below:

  1. “OWN BEING”